Healthy Habits of a Purposeful Life

A 4-Week Bootcamp to Jumpstart a Life of Self-Care, Freedom & Meaning.

Take A Look Inside This 4-Week Bootcamp: Here's What You'll Learn All course materials, including pre-recorded video lessons, meditations will be sent to you weekly via e-mail.


  • 4 Pre-Recorded Video Lessons sent weekly to your e-mail. 
  •  4 Pre-Recorded Live Call for Q&A´s
  • Guided meditations to help you experience this knowledge with your heart.
  • Tools to help you release any limiting beliefs and perceptions. 
  • PDF Presentations
  • Take this online course in the comfort of your own home — and have lifetime access to it.

Week 1- The Journey: From the Mind to the Heart

  •   In this first lesson, we will learn about our powerful brain and how when we understand it, we can make it our BEST ALLY.
  • Together we will expand our awareness through new perceptions and practices to cultivate the POWER OF CHOICE.
  • And we will also learn about how through the COURAGE OF OUR HEARTS we can break free from our mental limiting patterns.  

Week 2 - The Messengers: Our Physical & Emotional Body.

  • We will learn how our relationship with our body determines our energy levels, our relationships to others and our perception to LIFE itself.
  • I will guide you to learn how to make our EMOTIONS our GPS in order to heal and access our intuition.
  •  I will teach you why it is so important to have EMOTIONAL HYGIENE in order to live a fulfilling life.

Week 3 - The Teachers: Our Relationships to Others.

  • We will learn how ALL of our relationships are either helping us to expand or to heal and why SELF-CARE must come before caregiving.
  •  We will SHIFT our perception about getting triggered by others and what to do when we are in that state.
  • I will guide you to learn the power of bringing INTENTIONS to our relationships in order to release our expectations.

Week 4 - The Life Style: Chop Wood, Carry Water.

  • In this final week, we will learn about how to be CONSISTENT in our practice of self-love, self-care, and self-respect.
  • I will share with you ways of keeping your HEART open even when the external circumstances are challenging.
  • And we will learn about the power of being of SERVICE to others.