Free (English)


This book will guide you in your journey of finding your freedom within yourself. Many of us are looking for our fulfillment outside of ourselves but this book will teach you step by step how all that you are looking for is one shift in perception away. Filled with practical tools and stories, this book brings you the wisdom and the practices you need to create a lifestyle of health, wealth and joy.



This beautiful book is the personal experience of the author, she details and shares with us experiences, practical exercises, tips and quotes for reflection, the process to free ourselves from fears, insecurities, prejudices and beliefs that limit our personal fulfillment. She invites and encourages us throughout the book to carry forward what she calls “the great adventure”, which is precisely the process of awakening, of finding oneself and thus being free.
Paola Castro, Certified Coach, is a great researcher and is very committed and tenacious in what she is passionate about. Free is full of simple techniques that allow us to work in the search of the essence of emotions, because as she affirms, if we learn to recognize them, to accept them and learn to listen to the messages they want to give us, “we will evolve”.
The book, with simple language, is easy to assimilate and has the vast and complex purpose to help us grow through internal reflection, self-knowledge and self-acceptance. I invite you to experience this beautiful “adventure”, to awaken in you the desire for growth and personal fulfillment. In each of these pages, Paola motivates us to follow in her footsteps so that we, like her, we can reach the desired inner liberation