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One of my passions is to help people transform their lives and guide them to shedding their limiting fears and begin a journey of greatness and success. Ten years ago, I began my journey. Through coaching, a lot of reading, seminars with various teachers, and my life experiences, I discovered a new way of life, a lifestyle of fulfillment. This wasn’t my reality at first. Most of us realize at some point that we are not living the life we want. Society provides us with a script, we follow it and eventually, we find ourselves in a situation that makes as question what we are, what we think and what we do. If this is you right now and you found my website, the Universe is speaking to you. Pay attention! Besides the YouTube videos that I make with all my love, and the content I upload to social media, I have a personal coaching program that I named after my book: “Free. The journey to a fulfilling life begins here.” In this program, you and I will be working for 12 consecutive weeks in achieving your goals. Would you like us to work together in creating the life you have always dreamed? With this program, you will get:

  1. Clarity: This program will help you know what it is you truly want. Having clarity is having power. I want you to regain your power so you can begin walking towards your dreams.
  2. Courage: You will find the tools you need to make the jump even when you feel afraid. It is important to know that over focusing on eliminating fear can sometimes lead to paralysis by analysis. The most important part of your transformation is not eliminating your fears but to develop the courage to take action in spite of your doubts and disbelief.
  3. Structure: You will learn the steps you need to follow in your transformation journey. Perseverance and repetition are some of the most effective tools for achieving sustainable change over time. This is what creating a new lifestyle is about!
  4. Transformation: You will experience internal and external changes as you apply the concepts and tools.
  5. Emotion Management: You will gain more control over your emotions, becoming a more productive and less reactive person.
  6. Empowerment: You will feel again the great creative power within you that will help you walk with confidence.
  7. Discipline: You will develop the necessary discipline to create the change you wish to live. Discipline will bring you happiness.
  8. Beauty: You will be able to admire a new beauty that will develop through your shift in paradigms. This new beauty is internal and external.
  9. Connection: You will have the opportunity of experiencing a magical connection to your inner self and the Universal Power.
  10. Enthusiasm: You will feel charged with energy and vitality that will enable to move on to the life of your dreams.

Time: 12 weeks.

Location: 1-hour Skype calls.

Includes: 12 online coaching sessions, digital support materials, and unlimited access to email and text messages through the 12 coaching sessions.


“This has been definitely one of the best investments I have ever done! My coaching process with Paola was like bringing light and color back into my life. I decided to start when I noticed that I was feeling too bored and I had too few options. I was feeling super frustrated at work, even when I was doing what I had dreamed for a long time: working abroad, experiencing a different culture, having money, independence, freedom, and I was in Africa!
Paola helped me open my eyes to see the wonders in front of me, and to realize that the right attitude and mindset can help me attract more and better opportunities to my life and that I can always be and feel better. With Paola, I discovered habits that were contrary to my growth and I began developing healthy habits for my body and spirit. Now I am aware that everything is connected and that if I take care of my body and feed my spirit with the right thoughts, I can have a higher vibration. The results surprise me every day!”

Irene, 31
Business Manager. Currently living in Ghana, Africa.

“Trying to see the light at the end of the road had become impossible for me. I was going through a situation that I thought would be my end, but an angel referred me to this other angel (Paola) who taught me and guided me to find meaning in this situation, to grab it by the horns, turn it around and use it to grow. Paola has an incredible and contagious inner peace, her insight into understanding me, and her loving attitude for teaching me to see things from another perspective. She guided me through the puzzle of my life and helped me transform it into a picture of a better ‘me’ who showed me that I was desperate to move out of my comfort zone to thrive and live! I will always be grateful for how you helped me and taught me.”

María José, 34
Business Manager. Currently living in London, UK

“Thank you, Paola. Your coaching helped me navigate the storm and find new horizons. You helped me see things from another perspective and to really see that most things aren’t related to me; that there’s a deeper reason that what we want to see. You helped me convert an unpleasant activity into something liberating, and to see why I saw that activity as something unpleasant. Also, you helped realize that I was again falling into the trap of trying to please other people. This was a very liberating experience. Thank you for your guidance and spirituality.”

Alejandra, 36
Project Manager. Currently living in Toronto, Canada.

As you can see, three beautiful women who shared 12 weeks with me not only were able to transform their lives and wake up to a deeper level of consciousness, but they also weren’t limited by physical distance. I met with the three of them over Skype once a week, without fault, and over three months they were able to witness their own evolution. Would you like us to work together in creating the life you have always dreamed?

Contact me today and tell me about the dreams you want to achieve.

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Embracing light

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