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All these talks offer a space to deliver in a detailed and practical way all the information and tools each person needs to transform into the successful, healthy and fulfilled professional and human being they wish to become, on their own terms.

I start conversations about issues that resonate with people who are not only professionals, but mothers, fathers, spouses, friends, students, and ultimately beings who wish to provide themselves and the world with the best they have to offer.

These conversations help people to find their own answers and gain clarity on their personal and professional goals, to begin an action plan to enable them to achieve them.

What are some of the subjects we treat in our talks and wellbeing workshops?

1. Conscious leadership.
2. Emotional management. Work/life balance.
3. Increasing productivity and stress management.

What are the immediate benefits of these talks and wellbeing workshops?

– The subjects we discuss are aimed at involving the audience into proactive participation in their personal and professional life.
– They promote active application of what is taught to maximize learning.
– They provide the necessary tools for the person to not only come out of the activity with motivation but also to become able to applying what they learned in their daily activities.
– The participants perceive the genuine interest of the company in improving their quality of life, increasing loyalty and involvement.


“I attended the ITP Workshop with Paola Castro. Before starting, I did not know if it was focused on work tools or not. After the end of the workshop, I felt more positive and began working on the mental agents to move past positivity and eliminate stress. The phrases she used were fitting to the type of talk, and they really stimulate your desire for change. I recommend this workshop because it helped me change. I had thought that I was on a good path, but it made me increase my expectations for life and myself. I eliminated resistance and began projects that I had been resisting. I didn’t own a car, and a week later I was moving around in my own vehicle because I eliminated resistance.”

Bryner Monge Vargas

Team Manager, SYKES

“I attended these workshops: Emotional Management, and The Impact of Habits in Professional Improvement at the Professional Council of Economics. After the workshops I noticed changes in my organization, I started taking notes and projecting things little by little, goal by goal.
I know keep a planner where I write down everything I need to do. This helped me a lot in organizing my time for my university studies. What I enjoyed the most about the workshops was the growth and learning for myself, and taking the time to feel yourself. Of course, I would recommend this workshop. When you learn and experience changes, you want people around you to infect with this energy.”

Gricel Cubero

Profesional en RRHH, CCSS

“I doubted how I was going to improve my habits in organizing my tasks, but after the retreat with Paola I have become a better person, and I am able to stop and breathe in tense situations. Paola is charismatic, and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for her valuable help.”

Lic. Carlos Rodríguez

Administrador de Empresas