Redefining Courage!



 Do you remember your first time trying to ride a bike without the training wheels? Your first day of school? Or the first time you asked a girl or a boy to go on a date with you?

Try to remember that exact moment. How did you feel? Anxious, nervous, scared?

I’m sure you felt at least a little uncomfortable, but you did it anyway!

 So why is it so hard to overcome our fears as adults? 


It’s time to redefine Courage.


Society, books, Hollywood movies and even our parents have made us believe that bravery, fearlessness and heroism are synonyms of courage.

But being courageous is far more than that.  

The word courage comes from the Latin word cor, which means heart. And what this tells us is that courage comes from our hearts. 


Think about things like…

  Giving birth to a baby.

Walking down the aisle on your wedding day.

Ending a relationship.

Quitting a job.



Discovering True Freedom


Have you ever heard the story of Viktor Frankl?


Viktor Frankl was an Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, philosopher, author, and Holocaust survivor.


Viktor spent 3 years in different concentration camps and during this time he saw his mother, father, brother and wife die out of starvation, disease and in gas chambers. His food, his clothes, his work, his dignity, everything was taken away from him, except for one thing: 




After his liberation he wrote the famously known book: “Man’s search for meaning” and he promised he would teach people what true freedom really was. And he did so.


Frankl also developed a therapy called logotherapy, through which he taught the concepts of the desire to find a meaning in life and free will. And to this day, this therapy still helps people with PTSD.


But why am I telling you about Viktor Frankl?


Well, because sometimes we need to be reminded that no matter...


Changing your perception changes your life


Have you ever wondered how your perception takes form?


You might think it’s a result of the stimuli your five senses perceive, or simply your point of view.


And yes, those are important elements to consider but if you go deeper, you’ll realize your perception towards everything in life is determined by your beliefs, and the content you entertain in your mind.


Here’s the thing, you’re always giving meaning to things, but when you’re driving yourself with fear, anxiety and frustration that’s how you perceive life. As opposed as when you’re optimistic and you see positivity all around you.


And it doesn’t mean that if you're in anger or joy you're a worse or better person. What’s important is to be aware of the beliefs that you live by, and the content you feed your mind with.


So if you tend to be negative, you're going to see negativity and unfriendliness everywhere. And if you’re...


Building Resilience


How often do you let your phone’s battery die? 
Personally, I never let my phone die. I plug it in on my way to work, keep a charger at hand and I make sure the battery never gets too low.
I’m sure you do the same, we all do!
Now, let me ask you this other question:
How often do you charge your inner battery...? 
Resilience, as defined by the Heart Math Institute, is the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt to stress, challenge or adversity.
And you are a resilient being, but resilience is a quality of your heart , so if your inner battery is not charged, you’re depleted.
That is why sometimes it is so hard to respond to life with the wisdom that you know that you have.
So what can you do daily to keep your inner battery charged?
❤️ Connect to your heart
🍉 Be mindful of what you eat
⛔ Set healthy boundaries
🌳 Go out in nature
😴 Take time to rest
🏃 Move your body

Elevate your consciousness


In 10 years, what would you regret not doing today?


If you haven’t thought of this before, let’s talk about elevating your consciousness.


I like to explain it in this way…


Imagine your consciousness is like the ocean


When you look at it you see that the ocean is not just there on its own. There are rocks, sand, fish, boats, the sun, people swimming in it, and much more.


But are any of these things the ocean?


The answer is no. That is just content that we perceive as part of the ocean, but they are not the ocean.


It is the same with your consciousness. You have your consciousness and you have content in your consciousness. 


Content filled with perceptions, ideas, beliefs and thoughts.


Now, the importance of having awareness of the content you entertain in your consciousness lies in the fact that the mind will always entertain first the content that is designed to keep you alive!




The stories you tell yourself


I once heard a story of a man called Michael.


Michael was at a personal development seminar and he was asked to walk around the room and introduce himself to at least one person, and share the story of his life.


So he introduces himself to a guy and says…


Hello, my name is Michael and what brought me here is that 20 years ago I had an accident that changed the course of my life. This accident made me so ill I almost died.

I was in a coma and when I woke up my bones were broken, I went through lots of surgeries and I became very depressed because the people I thought would be there for me, weren’t. I was in pain.


The guy responds: “I’m sorry Michael but I don’t think that’s true.”


Michael looks at him confused and says… “What do you mean? I’m telling you the story of my life.”


The other man tells him: “Just give it another try.”


Michael tries again:...


How to master the mind


When you don’t know how to master the mind, when you don’t know how to use the mind as a tool, the mind uses you. This is why it’s so important to understand why the mind is how it is!


I once had a very profound experience where I was able to enter into my mind and ask myself a few questions, to which I received some very profound answers.


My mind said… 


You know what? I love you so much. I’m working with what I have but if you give me more elegant information I’m going to be reacting in a more elegant way.


Now, let me tell you something about the mind.


The mind is all about keeping us alive in this world and lots of thoughts emerge as a result of this task that the mind has.


90% of the thoughts you’re thinking today, you’re going to think about them tomorrow and the next day, and the next day. 


We live in a residual of thoughts and that’s why we wake up every...


The Power of Affirmative Prayer


I grew up praying to God like most people do. 


I was taught that praying was like having a conversation with God, and most of the times I was asking. Asking God to change things or to give me something, and giving thanks for what I already had. 


But as I walked down my spiritual path, I discovered the most magnificent technology there is! One that transformed the way I look at praying.


Affirmative Prayer, also known as spiritual mind treatment.


If you haven’t heard of it before, Affirmative Prayer is based on the Principle of Oneness. You don’t pray to a source outside of yourself. Instead, you affirm the truth of who you are, of what is.


There are 5 steps to it:


1. Recognition

You recognize the nature of a Divine Source of Energy. You know and affirm God (Spirit/Source) is all there is.


2. Unification

It is the acknowledgement that you are one with God, with Source. That there is no separation and...


Grounding Yourself

 "We're in this world, but we’re not of this world."


The first time I heard this from my beloved teacher Michael B Beckwith I didn’t understand what it meant. Now that I do, and I can tell you it is a very profound truth about our existence.


"We're in this world, but we’re not of this world."


What this means is that you are an eternal being.


We are an intangible spark of light that was never born, and will never die.


The beautiful, expansive energy that we are, comes into this world, collapses into a human body and that is how we begin the journey of the human experience. The adventure called life.


But as we reach a certain age we fall out of grace. We slowly grow into the realization that life can be like a bumpy road and so we forget that we are eternal beings. 


We start living as if we are from this world, this world of matter is all there is.


Things can get overwhelming. We can feel powerless...


The most important spiritual practice: Gentleness


"Nature is never rushing, yet everything gets accomplished." Unknown.


There is a spiritual practice that very few people use in their path. 


It is the practice to be gentle with yourself.


Let me tell you something about people like you and I.


We learn about healing modalities like healing our ancestors, healing patterns of behavior and healing addictions.


We learn about setting boundaries, about letting go of limiting beliefs, about meditation. We become diligent students.


We learn about these things and then we embark on the journey. But as we’re walking our path, an inner chatter begins…


“You gotta do it better. Is not enough. You're broken, you have to fix yourself.”


So we push through the healing process. And although there is a time for pushing and stretching, if that is the only thing we do, we could tear ourselves apart.


We demand so much that we forget to be gentle with...

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You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.