Every end-of-year is a great opportunity to look back at all the things we went through during the year and remind ourselves of all the lessons learned, the experiences lived, the challenges endured and the things we can be grateful for.
After assessing my year I found these to be my biggest lessons learned, and, the intentions I'm bringing with me into 2021: 
1. My worthiness doesn't come from productivity or achievement. I am worthy because I AM.
2. Forgiveness is a constant practice. The biggest way to keep our inner home pure.
3. It is a birthright to be in my divine feminine energy, and it is so safe and beautiful to surrender to the divine masculine.
4. Prayer is a spiritual mind treatment. Prayer is how I treat my mind to recognize perfection and infinite potential. Prayer heals!
5. My body temple needs REST and PLAY and when I don't nurture it in those ways, it makes sure to let me know.
6. I am a body of consciousness, not of knowledge. The greater my consciousness, the best I can be a conduit for light and service to the world.
7. I need PACHA MAMA more than I thought. Nature is what connects me to Spirit.
8. My 2021 intentions are: to be more PLAYFUL and be INSPIRATION.
Awareness is a powerful tool to build consciousness. When we build and expand our consciousness we develop the capacity to tap into our inner wisdom, our intuition and we connect to our highest self more easily. Awareness is being in the present moment.
And on the other hand, setting intentions is like a super power. When you are clear about your intentions, and how you want to show up to the world and in everything you do, things start aligning to those intentions, and that's how you manifest the life you want.
So, what are your intentions for 2021?


You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.