Comparison, the biggest thief of joy

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2020
Let’s talk about comparison.
It took me about 3 years to write my book. Every time I sat down to write an inner voice would say to me: you are not like so and so, why would you even bother to write this?
So I would stop the writing and feel sorry for myself until I would find the courage to write again but to only end up in the same mental cycle.
It wasn't a fun cycle.
Then I remember hearing for the first time a famous Buddhist quote that says:
“Comparison is the biggest thief of joy.”
And it shook me.
That quote answered why I felt so inadequate when writing my book and in many other aspects of my life.
I was consciously and unconsciously comparing myself, and the feeling of lack and not enough-ness would put me in the losing game of feeling less than, better than or trying to be equal to someone.
Then I had a profound spiritual experience.
One day my own soul said to me: “comparison is a waste of our own unique divinity if we want to finish that book, if we want to do anything in this life, we must stop that.”
So, I said ok, got it… but HOW?!
So I started my quest to understand how to stop comparing, and here is what I have found in the last few years:
  • Comparison can be transmuted into inspiration. When we see someone that has something we desire, we can consciously choose to celebrate that person and use her/him as evidence that if it is possible for them, it can be possible for us as well.
  • Comparison is a big fat lie. This egoic habit brings tremendous energy of lack, and it contradicts the Law that states that we live in an abundant Universe (if you want to see evidence for this, just take a moment to observe Mother Earth). So when you engage in comparison, you engage in an illusion, in a big fat lie.
  • Comparison is an uninvited guest we don’t have to entertain. When it comes knocking on the door of our consciousness, we can lovingly say: no, I choose not to receive nor entertain you in my inner home.
  • Comparison is a waste of time and energy. Comparing is so exhausting that leaves us with little room for creativity and expression of our own unique magic. And remember, buddha said:" the problem is that we think we have time", in other words, we cannot afford to waste our energy on the comparison.
  • Comparison makes you forget we are AMAZINGLY UNIQUE. Since our focus goes outside of ourselves, we lose sight of the magnificent unique expression that we are. That is why trying to be better than, less than or even equal to someone is a losing game.
To be 100% honest with you, I sometimes still find myself comparing, but as my consciousness keeps expanding, I now very quickly catch myself doing it, then I quickly forgive myself and begin again.
That is it, the more you do it, the easier it gets to not compare. And, the sweeter and more abundant life gets.
So, cheers to our unique magnificent selves!


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