Do You Know the Truth About Self-Mastery?

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2020
I learned the power of the ABC the other day.
Do you know what that is?
A - awareness
B - builds
C - Consciousness
I'm amazed how by becoming more self-aware I keep discovering aspects about myself I didn't know were there! Some very interesting, some a bit too painful.
The beauty of this is, that as we increase our self-awareness, we have more self-mastery and a greater capacity to respond (not react) to the stimulus of life.
And so how do we increase our awareness?
Become the observer of the thinker, thinking the thoughts. This means that no matter how we feel, we sit with ourselves and become very curious.
We can ask ourselves:
-What triggers me?
-What excites me?
-What stories am I telling myself about what's going on in my life?
We notice our thoughts, our emotions, our inner narrative. And why bother doing all of these? To become a fuller expression of our true essence and to gain greater access to our inner power. And because life is just sweeter when our consciousness expands.
Give it a try!


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