Elevate your consciousness


In 10 years, what would you regret not doing today?


If you haven’t thought of this before, let’s talk about elevating your consciousness.


I like to explain it in this way…


Imagine your consciousness is like the ocean 🌅


When you look at it you see that the ocean is not just there on its own. There are rocks, sand, fish, boats, the sun, people swimming in it, and much more.


But are any of these things the ocean?


The answer is no. That is just content that we perceive as part of the ocean, but they are not the ocean.


It is the same with your consciousness. You have your consciousness and you have content in your consciousness. 


Content filled with perceptions, ideas, beliefs and thoughts.


Now, the importance of having awareness of the content you entertain in your consciousness lies in the fact that the mind will always entertain first the content that is designed to keep you alive!


If you don’t have awareness over this, you become the victim of your own surviving mechanisms. And while in surviving mode, there is no creativity, making it easy to fall into the rat race.


The question is, how can I be more aware?


  • Take time to sit in silence and pay attention to your thoughts.
  • Notice your emotions and reactions to daily situations.
  • Be mindful of how you are investing your time.


Elevating your awareness can change the answer to the question:


In 10 years, what would you regret not doing today?



You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.