Healing the biggest limiting belief of all times

I used to believe Not being enough was our biggest limiting belief, but I take that back.
There is an even bigger limiting belief from which “not enoughness” derives. That belief is that we are separate, that we are separate from Source.
But, what is Source?
This is a big concept. When I say Source, I'm trying to define the unnameable, the invisible. Some call it Love, God, Universe. No matter how we call it, there is an energy, an intelligence that flows through us all.
I know this may sound too philosophical and that you may not feel as one with Source. It might be hard to believe it, seeing all that's happening in the world. But if you’re curious about what I'm telling you just put that in the back of your mind and keep on reading.
Because… What if you lived your life knowing that the energy that beats your heart, that keeps you breathing as you sleep, is part of who you are and not an energy out there separate from you?
I want to gift you with this perspective that we are one with love, with abundance. That we already are what we want to become.
And again, I know this may sound like too big of an idea, but what if…?
Now, the big question is HOW? How can I feel and believe this is true?
The truth can come to us in many ways. Trauma, crisis, an accident, a breakup, health scares or choice. The choice to show up, do the work and connect to our inner knowing, to Source.
We can choose to believe in this truth and make it part of our meditation, of our prayers, of our affirmations. Simply open the space and let the idea in.
Now, this knowing I'm talking about is not an intellectual knowing, it's a heart knowing. So if you're trying to grasp this with your logical understanding, let your heart take the lead. I invite you to also go watch my latest Minutes of Hope episode where I go deeper into this topic.
And if you've ever felt as one with Source, even if it was just a second, I'd love it if you shared your experience in the comments!


You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.