How to open your heart to receive what you want in life?

You can want what you want, but if your heart is not open to receive it, you're not going to see it manifest in your life.


Let me ask you something…

Have you ever felt uncomfortable when someone does or tries to do something nice for you? A simple gesture like paying for dinner or getting out of their way to help you with something?

If your answer is yes, that's an indicator that your heart might be a little closed, preventing you from manifesting all the beautiful things you want in your life.

My friend Kimberly Gamble said “I've noticed it's easier to give than to receive” and I was so grateful for her comment because it is so true! When you give, you're in control, but when you receive you are in a state of vulnerability and this is a red flag for your ego, so fear shows up to try to protect you. 


Yes, my friend, fear is what stops you from manifesting and receiving all those beautiful things you desire so deeply because fear closes the heart, and when the heart is closed, it is very hard to receive.

So, how can we open our hearts more? 

There are a couple of things you can do:


  1. Make peace with fear. 

The difference between living in a peaceful state of mind vs living in anxiety is that when you live peacefully you learn to understand that fear is a natural part of your being, and that it carries so many messages underneath its surface. When you're anxious, you try to numb fear, push it away, which only closes your heart even more. We gotta learn to see fear as a life companion, as a teacher, and make peace with it.


2. Practice Heart Coherence.

Some time ago I met someone who was teaching about heart math, the science behind the heart. All the teacher was saying about the incredible power of the heart, backed up by science, amazed me to the point I started learning all about it and became a HeartMath certified coach myself.

Coherence, as taught by the HeartMath Institute, is a state we achieve when our heart rate gets into a rhythm. We connect deeply with the heart to open it.


This is how you do it:

First, you're going to start breathing more slowly than you usually do. Count to 5 as you inhale, and count 5 as you exhale.

Then, you're going to direct all your attention to your heart. As the saying goes: Where your attention goes, energy flows. So place all your attention in your heart as you continue breathing to the count of 5. If you feel some sensations around your heart, or throat don't worry, it's totally normal because you are activating your heart's energy center.

Now you're going to use your imagination. Imagine you have a tiny nose in the middle of your heart and that you breathe in and out through that nose. You don't have to close your eyes, but you can do it if you like.

Do it all together. Inhale and exhale slowly to the count of five, keeping your attention in your heart, imagining you're breathing through its tiny nose. Feel the energy flowing all around you and opening your heart and from this coherence state set the intention to open your heart, to navigate your day with more openness and awareness.


The Heart Coherence technique is a very simple practice, so simple you might be hesitant to believe it works, but it does! Don't just believe my words, try it for yourself! You can do it at any time and place, and as you start to live more in coherence and with your heart more open, you will start seeing many synchronicities happening in your life, you will see opportunities where you didn't believe them possible before. 

And if you want to have some guidance as you practice heart coherence, click here to go to my website and download my free Heart Coherence Meditation. Or go check out my video where I teach you the technique.

I'd love to read your takeaways on this, so leave your comments below. You never know if your message is exactly what someone else needs to hear (or read!) today. And if you think there's someone who could benefit from this don't hesitate to share it.


With love,




You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.