How to stand your truth no matter what?!

How to stand your truth no matter what?!

 Do you feel like the world is in chaos right now?

Staying true to your beliefs can feel challenging when uncertainty is ruling. But you can learn to keep your vibes HIGH no matter what!

I want to take you through 4 steps to stand your truth regardless of the circumstances outside of you, these are: 

  • How to shift your perception from: Why is this happening to me? To: What is this happening for? How getting rid of the victim allows for your highest self to take the lead in your life.
  • How to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions and avoid ego-driven thinking.
  • Why judging steals energy from you and how to replace judgment with compassion.
  • Why frustration, negative thinking, comparison, and other heavy emotions rule over your body. And how to tap into your heart's wisdom to move onto a more peaceful state.

I know you're ready to expand your consciousness, so let's get to it.


The Universe never contradicts itself. The Universe is always in integrity with itself.

You and the Universe are one, and the Universe is always in integrity with itself, which means it's in integrity with you. Everything that happens in your life happens for you, never against you. There is no contradiction, there is no mistake.

Now, I can hear you arguing… “That sounds a little too hard to believe, can't you see what's happening in the world?”

 When things stay stagnant for a long time, illness, sickness, disorder arrives. It can seem like the world gets upside down.

 But as Albert Einstein said: “Crisis is the mother of invention.”

Whenever there is chaos happening in the world (or in your inner world) it means order is wanting to emerge. When something feels off, there's something in it for you. 

So one way to keep your vibes high when something difficult happens is to shift your perception. Instead of asking: “Why is this happening to me?” Ask yourself: “What is this happening for?”

 Think back to the worst times in your life and how they have become your biggest lessons. The worst things that have happened in the history of humanity were the trigger needed for humankind to evolve. The same goes for your life.

Next time you are meditating, or when you're triggered by a situation in your life, try asking the Universe:

What is this happening for? What's the lesson behind this? 

Remember: You and the Universe are one, and the Universe never contradicts itself. Nothing that occurs in your life is contradicting you, it is all happening for you.


Quit the blame game and take 100% responsibility for your thoughts and your choices.

When you place expectations on others and play the blame game, all you get is disappointments. Pointing fingers and judging others, believing they're wrong, will only bring you frustration.

If we take full responsibility for our reality and quit the blame game, we realize that what we judge is a mirror. It's a reflection of what's going on inside of us.

I remember blaming a person in my life for being very dishonest. I hated this dishonesty so much! But then one day I said: "Ok, I cannot change this person. If we are all one in the Universe, how am I dishonest myself?"

 I didn't want to confront myself with that question. I would swear I was not a dishonest person. So I asked from an open heart, knowing the universe never contradicts itself.

And you would not believe how much of my shadow revealed itself that day!

There was a spark of excitement that came through me! I realized there were ways in which I was dishonest. It wasn't the same dishonesty as the other person's but it was still dishonesty. Life sent me someone so I would see how I was being inauthentic to myself.

 So taking 100% responsibility for your reality is another way to stay grounded and truth. 

Now, when you look at some things in your life, you may think...

 “Well, I don't like this… I don't like that... I don't like what's going on in the world.” 

“Am I not supposed to protest, speak my voice?”

Yes, do that, raise your voice, speak your truth, but do it from a space of love, not from a space of anger and blame.

 Love is the highest vibration there is. When you act from a high vibration nothing below love can touch you. You can choose to create a different reality. 

So here are some practical tools to apply this:

  • Choose peace instead of righteousness
  • Choose to live in love and forgiveness.
  • Choose not to get hypnotized by the news day in and day out. Instead, choose more meditation, more prayer, more exercise.
  • Trust that your existence is important to the world. That by healing yourself you contribute to the healing of the world.


Move from a judging state of mind to a compassionate one. Stop judgment from stealing your energy.

As long as we are in this human experience judgment will be there, we need it for survival. But we need to disengage from chronic judgment.

Judging someone for being an energy vampire is usually a misperception. Most of the time it's your own judgment that's rubbing your energy.

It's easy to say… They're wrong! They're evil! They should meditate more! They should speak more positive words! Etc.

And yes, it would be amazing if everyone wanted to wake up and bring more mindfulness to their lives. But through my spiritual practice, I have learned we must have reverence for all humanity. For all beings on Earth.

 So let's increase our compassion for others, knowing they are exactly where they need to be. Accepting they are learning from their experiences and that nothing is a mistake.

 We can be an inspiration for others, yet we cannot change anyone but ourselves.


Tap into your heart's wisdom and overcome negative emotions.

If you feel heavy in your body, like your battling life every day, it means you are too much in your head, and not in your heart.

When you feel low, that's a signal from your body showing you're operating from your head. There's anger, frustration, and you're triggered easily.

When you operate from your heart you're less prone to judge, you feel expansive, trustful. You trust the universe to present you with bliss; you feel unconditional love. 

So, I have a gift for you now. Here's a practical tool for you to tap into your heart's intelligence.

 This is a heart-meditation that will guide you to connect with your inner self, with your heart's wisdom.

Be sure to find a quiet place, download the meditation, and enjoy it!

It is no mistake you stumbled upon this blog today. Everything that happens in your life happens for you. If you made it this far is because you are ready to make this work for you and turn things around to create your reality. 

Remember this: You can stand your truth no matter the circumstances. You have all the wisdom within yourself to do it.



You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.