How to stay in your heart in triggering relationships

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Let me ask you this… How important are your relationships to you?

I'm sure they're very important. After all, it is through relationships that we open our hearts, and learn how to love unconditionally.

Now, what about triggering relationships?

We all have that someone who triggers us, but even with that, those are important relationships too. Just a little more difficult to ‘deal’ with.

So, considering every single one of your relationships is important, how about you learn how to 'deal' with them, or even better, how to stay heart-centered when someone triggers dense emotions within you?

Sounds like a handy skill to learn, doesn’t it?

Well, I have one technique that can help you with this.

Do this the next time you are in a conversation with someone who triggers you:


1. Awareness

Notice when you start feeling uncomfortable. Bring your awareness to your body sensations and emotions. You know you are being triggered when it starts getting difficult for you, when you feel irritated, when you start responding in a passive-aggressive tone.


2. Go to your heart

Immediately after you notice the trigger, go to your heart. You can even mentally say it to yourself: Look for your heart.

Note: You don't have to stop the conversation if you don't want to. The other person doesn't have to know. You just want to look for your heart so you don't react from your ego mind.


3. Breathe and bring light in

Breathe in and out, and imagine there is light coming into the crown of your head, going down to your heart, through your arms, and out of your hands. (Close your eyes now and imagine bringing light into you).


4. Appreciate and send light. (This is a Pro tip)

If you're ready to go deeper, think of all the things you appreciate about this person. This isn't always easy, but there is always something to appreciate about everyone. Then, send the light that comes out of your hands onto the person with all your appreciation.

Now, this doesn't mean you have to let them cross your boundaries. It's putting your ego aside and letting your highest-self guide you through the conversation. Trust me, you will be guided.

I have used this technique many times myself and it works wonders, but you don't have to believe me!

If this resonates with you, try it for yourself and see what happens! 


With love, 





You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.