Insane perspective that will change your love life!

I spent 23 years trying to figure out "the romantic love thing"… You may say, how is that possible, how old are you?. The answer is: I am 35, and this started when I was 12!


I had such a rush to find true love. I couldn't wait to stop being a kid so I could experience butterflies in my stomach and a beautiful love story. 

So I did everything to get it right. I tried to be more relaxed, likeable, skinnier, prettier, smarter, detached, attached, tougher, more open-minded, independent, but no wait interdepend is better, sexier, but that was not good enough.

So, I went down the route of becoming more feminine, more spiritual, superwoman but nurturing (otherwise is too masculine), the perfect balance between yin and yang, love myself so I don't need anyone, and etc.… you get the point!


And guess what?! My soulmate was not coming. In fact, the complete opposite, if you know what I mean  🙈

Then I heard the phrase: "when you don't feel that you are enough, nothing will ever be enough".


 This "not enough" and I add "therefore not worthy" was not only present with love, but with everything else in my life. As Mrs Oprah says: "The way you do one thing, is the way you do EVERYTHING!"

 So… How did I get past it?

 I stopped trying so damn hard!!! 

 Instead, I made a point of re-wiring in my brain the Truth that: 


 I also started living more from the ease-ness of my heart than from the complexity of my mind.

 Sounds easier said than done, right?

 It's true, it's not easy, but it's possible.

 This is a practice and lifestyle. I still forget that I am enough and worthy, but I have developed the skill to remember ASAP.

 This is the secret! 

 So, what happened with the "romantic love thing".

 Well.. about 2 and half years ago, a bright, loving soul came into my life. It has been a beautiful love journey, and I am beyond grateful.

 But please don't get me wrong… when I met him:

  • Was I feeling perfect and resolved? No 
  • Did I feel 100% enough and worthy? No 
  • BUT did I have a self-love practice and tools to remember who I am every day? Hell Yeh! 💯✅

This, my friend, is the secret not so secret!

 Now, I have some questions for you:

👉🏽Are you investing your energy in remembering what is Real?

👉🏽Do you have the tools to go back to Truth ASAP?

 If you would like to have some guidance and support in this matter and in your journey, contact me HERE  📧I would be an honour to do so.

 Have a blessed week,



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