Listening to the calling of the heart

I am sure you have heard the advice: "Listen and follow your heart"!
Our hearts are wise and always compelled to right action, and our hearts are the way we can listen to what our highest self is calling us to BE.
To follow the calling and wisdom of our hearts is probably the most straightforward best advice but very few people will tell you that when you do, there will be a lot of movement and chaos that this act of "following our heart" brings into our lives.
In my life, following my heart has caused chaos and uncomfortable movement:
- When exiting relationships, friendships, and jobs.
- When swimming in uncertainty because after a leap of faith, sometimes you cannot see further than your next step (or at times, not even the next step).
- When telling my truth knowing that it will upset a loved one.
- When feeling guilty because of saying "no".
- When being vulnerable when all I want is to appear strong.
- When being strong when all I want is being vulnerable.
- When having to apologize because I changed my mind after saying YES to something that no longer resonates.
- When looking deep at my shadows even though it is more natural to blame others.
- When owning my power when it is easier to play small.
- When cultivating humility when my ego feels inflated.
Following your heart is not easy, and sometimes it could feel contradicting to our egos.
But if you decide to follow your heart, in time it becomes a way of living, and you start noticing:
💖 That you are very intuitive and discerning.
💖 That it is ok to "not know", uncertainty is part of the adventure.
💖 That the truth makes you and everyone free. You don't serve anyone by trying to please them at the expense of your authenticity.
💖 That guilt has minimal energetic ROI (return of investment), and you can cure it with compassion.
💖 That vulnerability is what makes you strong.
💖 That strength and resilience is the nature of your Soul.
💖 That the judgment you have about them is only hurting you, but that you can also cure it with compassion.
💖 That you are SPECIAL, and AMAZING and POWERFUL.
💖 That to be able to own your power, you must always center yourself in humility.
Following our hearts requires dominion over our minds, lots of self-compassion, patience, and love, but the expansion and groundedness that comes from it are so magnificent that it is worth doing it.
Hope you give it a try if you haven't yet!


You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.