Spiritual mind treatment to get into the space of truth


All our suffering comes from what happens in our minds. From the thoughts, ideas, how we perceive the circumstances in our lives. Pain is inevitable. I can't deny it's painful when we go through a breakup or when someone transitions into eternity and it's painful to see what the world is going through. Yet, suffering is a choice.

So my invitation to you today is to treat your mind so it doesn't become addicted to suffering. Give it a spiritual mind treatment, or what we can also call prayer.

 I grew up in a Christian family and it was beautiful but for various reasons, I always felt rebellious about it. I used to hear the word prayer and think… hmmm that doesn't work for me. But throughout my spiritual journey, I have come to understand and feel God very differently from what I learned growing up. Payer has become a part of my spirituality. And it's ok if this isn't your case because this type of prayer has nothing to do with religion. This is a spiritual mind treatment and it’s about treating your mind to remember who you truly are.

For you to see exactly what the mind treatment is, click here to watch the video where I put it in practice during a live session, with some of the members of my Facebook community Freedom Seekers. 

Also, here's a little recap of how you can put it in practice yourself. 

Think of something that is taking peace away from you. It can be a circumstance, an emotion, something making you feel pain, anxiety, lack of trust. Without going into much detail, think of what you would like to treat in your mind and bring healing energy to.

Once you've decided what you want to pray for, the first thing to do is to go into gratitude. If it's your first time trying this and you don't know where to begin, just take two minutes to be in gratitude. Appreciate the little things around you, go for the most simple, profound things in nature. Stay there in gratitude. 

Then, recognize the presence, recognize that you are presence. And then unify yourself it with. 

The beautiful thing about this spiritual mind treatment is recognizing that there is no other God than the God in the presence that is in you. That IS you. You are an expression of it. Realizing this is knowing there is no begging or asking for anything here, it's a recognition of ourselves as a divine presence.

This brings us to remember what the truth is. The truth that love is all there is. That panic, anxiety, lack of trust is all an illusion. We remember that if this is a loving Universe, then all around us is the essence and the power of love. 

Finally, release it. Release everything knowing there is nothing to hold on to. Everything around us is expressing in a beautiful, perfect manner. Even though the ego may not like it, as we flow gently down the stream of consciousness life gets a lot sweeter. Even if you are going through deep stuff, when you release you navigate life with more gentleness and then miracles happen…


I hope this spiritual mind treatment practice brings light to your path. To help you flow through life with grace. To help you trust that everything is perfect, even if you're going through a taught situation. And to help us all contribute to the healing of the world. 

Sending you all my love.


 Click to see the video



You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.