Owning your worth will change your life (Workshop)

Do you remember the first time you accomplished something great when you were a child? Maybe your team won the school soccer championship, or you got an excellent grade in a test and your parents were so proud.

How did that make you feel?

Let's fast forward a few years. How did it feel when you got that Yes after your most anticipated job interview? Or after graduating from college?

It was a reason to celebrate, right? Because we deserve to celebrate our accomplishments.

Now, what if I told you that after today you don't have to achieve anything to have a reason to celebrate yourself and feel worthy of a beautiful life?

See workshop below!

Brené Brown said:

"There are no prerequisites for worthiness."

I have been deeply committed to my spiritual growth since I was very young, and I have walked many paths during this journey, but it wasn't until I really woke up and realized my truth that everything changed. 

You might wonder what do I mean by woke up?

Well, it wasn't that my eyes opened one morning with super sight, it was an inner experience, I opened up to my heart's vision and wisdom.

When I tapped into this, my truth was revealed: I already have everything that I need, right at this moment: I am enough, and I am worthy.

This realization isn't just for me. We all have access to an infinite and powerful source of wisdom within our hearts. Our truth, our unique essence and the answer to all of our questions lives inside of us. The problem is that with all the information circulating, our minds create so much noise that we can't hear clearly.

This keeps us from feeling whole, and it is our rightful gift to live a peaceful, wholesome, joyful life, feeling deserving of love regardless of our merits or accomplishments.

A while ago I taught a beautiful workshop with my friend Monique from The Whole Human Project where I speak about how our inner reality is shaping how we view ourselves and the world around us and the ways to stay grounded in our worth and inner peace no matter the circumstances.

I share perspectives that will allow you to remember fundamental truths about yourself and useful ways to integrate them into your life.

This was an interview with Monique Helstrom on the topic: "Autonomous Inner Peace."

In Monique's words:

"To truly feel the love from others, you must first love yourself. I hope you love yourself just a little bit more after hearing the magic of Paola."

Video below to see the full workshop.

I hope this reveals a beautiful message for you.





You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.