The beautiful struggle of getting into alignment with your inner being

Ever felt like sometimes you take one step forward and 2 steps back?
"No one tells you this, but getting into alignment with your inner being can sometimes feel like baptizing a cat." - Michelle Kay
The other day I saw this quote and thought it was so funny and so real for us in this path of awakening.
Our soul is continuously calling us to listen and to align our selves to authenticity, compassion, and love.
When we follow the calling there is a point when we realize that it requires a lot of re-adjusting, trial and error, healing and letting go, and so our egos become like a mad cat resisting "water" like the plague.
Here is what I have discovered to tame "the cat" and gracefully get it to love the water:
- Don't force, shame or guilt "the cat" to get in the water if it's not ready, instead have compassion and take little steps at the time.
- Listen to what "the cat" needs at that moment. When our needs are met, we feel safer to take steps towards the unknown.
- Have lots of patience. Sometimes you will feel like because you got "the cat" in some water, your work is done, but no, some days it will be more courageous than other days, and that is OK!
- Be willing to retrain the cat over and over again. Remember: there's not such a thing as going backwards. Every time you teach "the cat", it will learn from different perspectives. It is needed, and worth it!
- There is evidence that many other "cats" have learned to enjoy the water. Use them as inspiration, that it is possible for you too. Hangout with those cats!
As Carl Yung said "what you resist, persists", stop resisting "the cat" and instead learn to love it, understand it and work with it.


You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.