The Power of Affirmative Prayer

affirmative prayer May 25, 2021


I grew up praying to God like most people do. 


I was taught that praying was like having a conversation with God, and most of the times I was asking. Asking God to change things or to give me something, and giving thanks for what I already had. 


But as I walked down my spiritual path, I discovered the most magnificent technology there is! One that transformed the way I look at praying.


Affirmative Prayer, also known as spiritual mind treatment.


If you haven’t heard of it before, Affirmative Prayer is based on the Principle of Oneness. You don’t pray to a source outside of yourself. Instead, you affirm the truth of who you are, of what is.


There are 5 steps to it:


1. Recognition

You recognize the nature of a Divine Source of Energy. You know and affirm God (Spirit/Source) is all there is.


2. Unification

It is the acknowledgement that you are one with God, with Source. That there is no separation and therefore, you are a co-creator of your reality.


3. Realization or declaration

It is the affirmation of life or the circumstance as you want it to be, already manifested. Affirm that which is true.


4. Gratitude

It is the awareness that what you affirm will be manifested in its divine timing. You know that what you desire is yours and you express gratitude for it. Gratitude opens your heart to receiving. 


5. Release

It’s the moment of letting go. To release and trust that the Universe is always working with you.


I stand firm in my truth. I am conscious of my oneness with the Universal Spirit that lives within, around, and through all things. 

In this truth I stand firm in the belief that the infinite wisdom of the Universe flows through me. I anchor myself in this truth and can rest assured in the power of God. Knowing this, I can begin each day with the expectation of joy, love and peace.

And so it is.

- Anekia Nicole




You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.