The Power of Thought

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Have you ever wondered what thoughts really are? 

Here's a hint: Thoughts are the means by which we create our reality.

I got together with two colleagues to talk about this topic and I want to share with you some of their wisdom in what is such an interesting and life-changing topic.


What is the Power of Thought? As defined by Lincoln Parker - Self-empowerment coach.

The Power of thought is the only power there is. Everything we can see, feel, touch and experience, was preceded by a thought.

Now, the significance of that is when we realize that thoughts are created, that's when we discover it's so important to be intentional about our thoughts.

Think of thoughts from the analogy of seeds. Each thought is a seed being planted within our subconscious mind and when those seeds grow into maturity, they then externalize and become our actual reality.

So we have to be very deliberate, intentional and selective of the thoughts we focus on. 


What are thoughts? From Lynn Min's (Soul Coach) perspective.

We have from 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day, so instead of using my energy on trying to define what thoughts are, I thought… What are the meanings that I'm assigning to my thoughts, that make a difference in my life? Remember thoughts and feelings always go together.

Take this as an example.

Imagine you have a boss who's really quiet and maybe a little stoic and doesn't give you much input.

You could think… “He hates me, he hates my work, I'm not doing a good job. And you go down that rabbit hole.” 

Or you can give this other meaning to it: “Probably he's a little introverted, maybe he didn't have role models growing up that taught him to be affectionate.”

You can't really know, but those two different meanings that you give to something will bring up different feelings, and you will react accordingly.

This is how we create moments in life!


This is a fascinating topic and in this conversation we went really deep and covered so much more. So if this got you thinking, I invite you to go watch the full video and then share your thoughts on it!


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