The stories you tell yourself


I once heard a story of a man called Michael.


Michael was at a personal development seminar and he was asked to walk around the room and introduce himself to at least one person, and share the story of his life.


So he introduces himself to a guy and says…


Hello, my name is Michael and what brought me here is that 20 years ago I had an accident that changed the course of my life. This accident made me so ill I almost died.

I was in a coma and when I woke up my bones were broken, I went through lots of surgeries and I became very depressed because the people I thought would be there for me, weren’t. I was in pain.


The guy responds: “I’m sorry Michael but I don’t think that’s true.”


Michael looks at him confused and says… “What do you mean? I’m telling you the story of my life.”


The other man tells him: “Just give it another try.”


Michael tries again: “I was in a really dark place one time, I had a terrible accident 20 years ago and I thought I wasn’t gonna make it, it was horrible…”


The guy interrupts him saying: “I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to stop you Michael, because I don’t think that’s true.”


Michael starts getting upset. “What do you mean? You’re telling me that what I’m saying about my life is not true.


To which the guy responds. “Let me help you. Your name is Michael. 20 years ago you had an accident. The end.”


Now, this story may resonate with you or it may confuse you. 


What the man was trying to convey to Michael was that even though it was true that he went through a lot, what really happened is that he had an accident. That’s all. The events that followed did not determine who Michael was.


Holding onto the past events of your life and repeating them over and over again is like grabbing the past on your back and carrying it with you everywhere you go. It will weigh you down and limit you from manifesting the life you want to live.


So, we must ask ourselves…


What stories am I telling myself that are no longer serving me?


I’ll leave you with this question today.


Have a beautiful day.





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