Worry is not a spiritual practice

surrender trust worry Jan 26, 2021

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“Worry is not a spiritual practice.”

- Michael Beckwith

Have you ever asked yourself how much time you spend worrying?


As Rev says: “Worry is not a spiritual practice.”


We invest so much time trying to improve ourselves, trying to get closer to Source, trying to align with our highest self.

But we end up canceling all that work with worry.

Why would we do something that's the opposite of what we want?

The answer is because it's a human thing to do.

We don't need to be hard on ourselves about it, we just need to be mindful and learn how to stop worrying so much and begin trusting more.

Now, I know it's easier said than done. I know you could be going through really difficult situations where not worrying seems impossible, but here is where trust comes in.


Let me ask you this…

How many times you didn't know how you were going to resolve something and suddenly, out of nowhere, something happened?

Something that if you planned it, it wouldn't have been so perfect!

That happened because there is a higher power. The infinite intelligence of the Universe always works in your favor, even when it doesn't feel like it.

I can tell you that the biggest blessings of my life, I wasn't expecting them. I wasn't even worrying about them because I didn’t know they existed!

Now, I'm not saying you should simply sit back and wait for things to happen or resolve themselves.

You still have to show up every day, keep following your spirit and keep taking action.

But as you keep showing up, leave worry aside and trust the Universe

Let's invest all of our energy in taking inspired action instead of canceling all the beautiful, inner work we do with worry.


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