How to Look at Chaos & Crisis with a Different Lens.

Barbara Marx said:

“Crisis is an evolutionary driver. Before something new happens the system totally breaks down, and that breakdown is a signal that is allowing something new to breakthrough. If you have evolutionary eyes, you notice that things are breaking through all at once. If we say yes to breaking through, we will find ourselves in the next state of our evolution.”

If you've ever felt like something or everything, is breaking down in your life, that's a clear indicator that something new is trying to emerge. And although this is a synonym of growth, the chaos and crisis it generates put us in survival mode, and that can be very unsettling, even painful. 

So how can we confront chaos and crisis so it doesn't feel like we're merely trying to survive?

By looking at it from a different lens.

I had a beautiful conversation with some very resilient and inspiring people who shared their insights on exactly how to look at chaos and crisis from a different...


How to create prosperity from a space of appreciation?

 Are you ok with the level of abundance in your life right now? Abundance in health, friends, money, love.

Are you ok with what you're experiencing, being, and having right now?

If your answer is yes, keep doing that! Keep being in deep appreciation. If your answer is no, let me teach a few things that will help you see and magnetize all the abundance that it is available for you.

I was asking myself, what is the one thing that has helped me manifest abundance in my life?

What I found is that we can only create prosperity and abundance when we are in a space of acceptance and appreciation of how things are, and what is happening right now.

Now, I hear you asking…

Are you telling me I have to appreciate my lack of health? 

That I have to appreciate being heartbroken, that I'm in deep debt?

Although we can get to a deep level of consciousness where it is possible to cultivate appreciation for such things, that is not what I'm asking you today. I'm inviting you to...


Do You Know the Truth About Self-Mastery?

I learned the power of the ABC the other day.
Do you know what that is?
A - awareness
B - builds
C - Consciousness
I'm amazed how by becoming more self-aware I keep discovering aspects about myself I didn't know were there! Some very interesting, some a bit too painful.
The beauty of this is, that as we increase our self-awareness, we have more self-mastery and a greater capacity to respond (not react) to the stimulus of life.
And so how do we increase our awareness?
Become the observer of the thinker, thinking the thoughts. This means that no matter how we feel, we sit with ourselves and become very curious.
We can ask ourselves:
-What triggers me?
-What excites me?
-What stories am I telling myself about what's going on in my life?
We notice our thoughts, our emotions, our inner narrative. And why bother doing all of these? To become a fuller expression of our true essence and to gain greater access to our inner...

Simplicity, patience & compassion


“Simplicity, patience and compassion are your greatest treasure”

Said by Lao Tzu, Chinese master, and author of the book The Tao.

The Tao is translated as The way of virtue, it's a religion and a philosophy in China.

The Tao is all about letting go, about being in the flow. I remember I didn't like this book when I first started learning about it.  We come from such a linear way of thinking where doing is everything. Accomplishing is seen as a synonym of productivity. So reading about simplicity, patience and compassion sounded to me like laziness, like you're not taking responsibility for your life.

But let's dive in a little deeper. I know that if you're reading this is because you know there's more than a shallow meaning behind this philosophy.

One quote of The Tao goes like this… 


“Simplicity, patience, compassion.

These three are your greatest treasures.

Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.



The secret to a soulful, healthy relationship

Relationships are everything!

I've heard people in the spiritual and self-development community say things like:
“You should be able to give everything to yourself”, “You shouldn't need anybody, you should only need yourself”.
But let me tell you this: We are relationships beings and as long as we live in this third dimension we need them.
When relationships are healthy, they contribute to many areas of your lives so we need to learn how to cultivate them, and there's a secret to it...

The secret to cultivating, healing and attracting healthy & soulful relationships

The secret ingredient of having magnificent relationships is to connect to what is REAL. To connect to Source.
In his book, The answer is you, Michael B. Beckwith says a relationship is stable when we are connected to Source. When the relationship to ourselves and to Source is happening.
The problem is, this isn't...

How to set healthy boundaries

To express the unconditionally loving being that you are, you must have a deep understanding of what healthy boundaries are.


Brene Brown's teachings say there is no such thing as unconditional love if we don't know what boundaries are. She has discovered that the people who have more capacity to be loving and compassionate with others are those who are very clear of what their boundaries are.


To learn how to set healthy boundaries, let's start understanding the meaning of having a healthy sense of self.


Setting boundaries with self 

You need to know what's ok, and what's not ok for you. In order for you to have this clear, you need to have a healthy sense of self, of identity. What this means, is that you have self-respect, self-love, and self-worth.


Self-respect starts with knowing what's ok and what's not ok for you. What your values are, what do you value the most, what your needs are, and if they are being met. In my case, freedom is my most...


´╗┐Spiritual mind treatment to get into the space of truth


All our suffering comes from what happens in our minds. From the thoughts, ideas, how we perceive the circumstances in our lives. Pain is inevitable. I can't deny it's painful when we go through a breakup or when someone transitions into eternity and it's painful to see what the world is going through. Yet, suffering is a choice.

So my invitation to you today is to treat your mind so it doesn't become addicted to suffering. Give it a spiritual mind treatment, or what we can also call prayer.

 I grew up in a Christian family and it was beautiful but for various reasons, I always felt rebellious about it. I used to hear the word prayer and think… hmmm that doesn't work for me. But throughout my spiritual journey, I have come to understand and feel God very differently from what I learned growing up. Payer has become a part of my spirituality. And it's ok if this isn't your case because this type of prayer has nothing to do with religion. This is a spiritual...


How to go from Surviving to Thriving

Maya Angelou once said: “Survival is very important, but we are living in a time and age where we can practice the elegance of thriving.”

We want to see so many things manifested in our lives, but if we are in a state of survival, there's not much that gets done other than surviving.

So, how do we go from surviving to thriving and why is it important?

Let me tell you a story...

A lady once said to Reverend Michael Beckwith during one of his classes:

“Reverend, I hear you talking about manifestation, reaching your goals, and fulfilling your dreams. I want that for my life. But I also hear you talking about forgiveness, and I don't want to forgive. I'm not ready. So what do I do? Can I still fulfill my dreams even if I don't forgive?” 

To this, the Reverend responded with a story.

At the beginning of Agape times (The reverend's spiritual center in LA), the community would go on bicycle rides. For some reason, he would be the last one to arrive back from...


The beautiful struggle of getting into alignment with your inner being

Ever felt like sometimes you take one step forward and 2 steps back?
"No one tells you this, but getting into alignment with your inner being can sometimes feel like baptizing a cat." - Michelle Kay
The other day I saw this quote and thought it was so funny and so real for us in this path of awakening.
Our soul is continuously calling us to listen and to align our selves to authenticity, compassion, and love.
When we follow the calling there is a point when we realize that it requires a lot of re-adjusting, trial and error, healing and letting go, and so our egos become like a mad cat resisting "water" like the plague.
Here is what I have discovered to tame "the cat" and gracefully get it to love the water:
- Don't force, shame or guilt "the cat" to get in the water if it's not ready, instead have compassion and take little steps at the time.
- Listen to what "the cat" needs at that moment. When our needs are met,...

What, Why and How to Forgive

Tools to find freedom in forgiveness.

Click here to watch the video.

Lewis B. Smedes said: “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and then discover the prisoner was you.”

 This is one of my favorite definitions of forgiveness. 

Not forgiving is one of the biggest incarcerations. When we are not forgiving, we are making ourselves prisoners of our own resentment. But forgiveness has the power to take us away from the prison and stop the self-abuse.

As described by Reverend Michael Beckwith:

“It is vital for our well being to release the anger and make forgiveness a way of life.”

I've had people tell me, “Paola, I can't believe I have to forgive this again, I thought I had already forgiven it!”

 Forgiveness is a way of life. You forgive today, and you feel the goodness of it. Then, in a year or two, you might remember again. The pain raises one more time and so you forgive again. 

See it as peeling the layers of the anger and...



You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.