Owning your worth will change your life (Workshop)

Do you remember the first time you accomplished something great when you were a child? Maybe your team won the school soccer championship, or you got an excellent grade in a test and your parents were so proud.

How did that make you feel?

Let's fast forward a few years. How did it feel when you got that Yes after your most anticipated job interview? Or after graduating from college?

It was a reason to celebrate, right? Because we deserve to celebrate our accomplishments.

Now, what if I told you that after today you don't have to achieve anything to have a reason to celebrate yourself and feel worthy of a beautiful life?

See workshop below!

Brené Brown said:

"There are no prerequisites for worthiness."

I have been deeply committed to my spiritual growth since I was very young, and I have walked many paths during this journey, but it wasn't until I really woke up and realized my truth that everything changed. 

You might wonder what do I mean by woke up?

Well, it wasn't...


Insane perspective that will change your love life!

I spent 23 years trying to figure out "the romantic love thing"… You may say, how is that possible, how old are you?. The answer is: I am 35, and this started when I was 12!


I had such a rush to find true love. I couldn't wait to stop being a kid so I could experience butterflies in my stomach and a beautiful love story. 

So I did everything to get it right. I tried to be more relaxed, likeable, skinnier, prettier, smarter, detached, attached, tougher, more open-minded, independent, but no wait interdepend is better, sexier, but that was not good enough.

So, I went down the route of becoming more feminine, more spiritual, superwoman but nurturing (otherwise is too masculine), the perfect balance between yin and yang, love myself so I don't need anyone, and etc.… you get the point!


And guess what?! My soulmate was not coming. In fact, the complete opposite, if you know what I mean  

Then I heard the phrase: "when you don't feel that...


Meditation For A More Heart-Centred Life.

"Righteousness is the last obstacle to the inner temple" Ram Dass

Many times we try so hard to understand life and ourselves, but in the over-analysis of right or wrong, we miss the point.

We all want to go back home, but we must know that as long as we cling to polarity, we rarely find freedom, and instead, we find rules and righteousness.

Lately, I have been doing meditations for my friends at Rythmia, the magical retreat center in Costa Rica, and today I want to share this particular one with you.

In this meditation, we do a pranayama breathing technique, and then I guide you into your heart.

This is a 20 min meditation, perfect length to go back to truth, peace and home.

With love,




A Path To Self-Love

There are many paths to self-love, and today I want to share with you my favourite.


You know, food used to be my preferred way to run away from my emotions.

Sitting with big emotions was a big NO, NO a few years ago. If I felt too much, I had to calm it down with something and among a few not so great habits, binging on food was my #1 choice.


From a very young age (around 7), I became someone that was either on a diet or sabotaging that diet with a good binge.


It took me years (and I am talking like 20 years) to figure out that that behaviour was a thing and that it hurt all areas of my life.

This thing was not only an eating disorder but a form of self-sabotage.


I remember the cycle looked like this:

I would promise myself to never do it again with the phrase "Starting Tomorrow, I'm not going to…."

And I would be true to that promise until I would get emotionally triggered (by someone or something) and in a matter of seconds, I'd go back to the...


One thing The News Won’t Tell You!


Hi lovely friend ,

You know...walking the talk is one of my most essential intentions in life, and when I created this video, I felt that I was making it for me.


Sometimes if I am not aware, I can spend all day receiving information, doing things, planning the future and overthinking my life. Until I hit a wall and I feel overwhelmed, and I have to remember this one thing I share in this week´s video, then I can exhale and begin again.

So this week, I decided to share with you this ONE thing we must know but that the NEWS won't ever tell you how important doing this is for your physical, emotional and mental resilience.

Hope you enjoy remembering and APPLYING it, as you know, true wisdom comes by doing what you know.

Have a sweet week,


Easy! 2 Steps To Practice Self Love Today.

What does love yourself mean to you?

We can assign different conceptual meanings to this, but at the end of the day, if you don´t feel it, it doesn´t mean much to us anyway.

In this video, I wanted to share a simple tool you can test in 2 minutes and have the experience of self-love.

Play the video below.

Hope this fills you up with so much love,





A mantra that will inspire anyone to trust!

In this video,  A beautiful mantra you can start using today and fill your heart with trust and assurance there is nothing to fear. 

**The meditation mentioned in the video: https://soundcloud.com/ramdass/the-power-of-god-meditation

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Four Ways To Bring Your Resilience To The Next Level.

"We are all doing the best we can out of our level of consciousness".

So, what if we could expand our consciousness? And as a result of that, we can gift our best selves to the world?

A couple of years ago, I learned one method for being a healthier, more grounded and peaceful human being. 

What I learned is that we are all resilient (i.e. capable of preparing, going through and overcoming adversity). Still, some of us have to cultivate it a bit more than others to be able to gain access to this vital strength. 

 I want to share with you four ways you can do this, and for this, I made this video for you. In here you will learn these simple actions you can start applying TODAY:





With appreciation,



4 Ways To Make Sure Your Peace Is Not Affected By Others.

In this video, I share the 4 best ways to make sure your peace is not affected by others. Taking 100% responsibility for our reality empowers us, heals us and makes us transcend.

Here are my suggestions to stay grounded in peace:

  1. Do the inner work.
  2. Let them row their boat.
  3. Forgive as soon as possible.
  4. Set healthy boundaries.

Take a few minutes of your time, listen carefully to this video and ask yourself, which of these ways resonates the most with me?


With love,





Amazing Affirmations To Try Right Now!

Do you wish you could trust and know that everything is going to be alright?

Over the years, I have used different affirmations to cultivate unshakable trust and inner knowing, and I felt inspired to offer them to you.

So... I made this video where I share all the details of these affirmations that have helped me stay grounded in truth.  


With love,






You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.