The most important spiritual practice: Gentleness


"Nature is never rushing, yet everything gets accomplished." Unknown.


There is a spiritual practice that very few people use in their path. 


It is the practice to be gentle with yourself.


Let me tell you something about people like you and I.


We learn about healing modalities like healing our ancestors, healing patterns of behavior and healing addictions.


We learn about setting boundaries, about letting go of limiting beliefs, about meditation. We become diligent students.


We learn about these things and then we embark on the journey. But as we’re walking our path, an inner chatter begins…


“You gotta do it better. Is not enough. You're broken, you have to fix yourself.”


So we push through the healing process. And although there is a time for pushing and stretching, if that is the only thing we do, we could tear ourselves apart.


We demand so much that we forget to be gentle with...


´╗┐Spiritual mind treatment to get into the space of truth


All our suffering comes from what happens in our minds. From the thoughts, ideas, how we perceive the circumstances in our lives. Pain is inevitable. I can't deny it's painful when we go through a breakup or when someone transitions into eternity and it's painful to see what the world is going through. Yet, suffering is a choice.

So my invitation to you today is to treat your mind so it doesn't become addicted to suffering. Give it a spiritual mind treatment, or what we can also call prayer.

 I grew up in a Christian family and it was beautiful but for various reasons, I always felt rebellious about it. I used to hear the word prayer and think… hmmm that doesn't work for me. But throughout my spiritual journey, I have come to understand and feel God very differently from what I learned growing up. Payer has become a part of my spirituality. And it's ok if this isn't your case because this type of prayer has nothing to do with religion. This is a spiritual...



You are about to get access to an incredible heart meditation. Thank you so much for trusting my guidance.