The Divine Path of Integration

Deepen your relationship to yourself and Source.

You´re a Seeker.
Ready to deepen your connection to yourself and Source.
To integrate all you know and create the life you want, you need to let go of what is no longer serving you and cultivate the good habits that make you feel in alignment.
The problem is there are still aspects of you that believe you are not enough, not worthy and God forbids SPECIAL.
You KNOW you were born to thrive, to serve and to share your light with the world.

The Divine Path of Integration is a 16-week 1:1 online coaching program where I teach and support you on the steps, perspective shifts, and healing tools to integrate a life of higher consciousness and remember your divinity and connection to Source.

My clients are experiencing shifts like:

  • Being less self-critical and having a more peaceful inner chatter.
  • Improving interpersonal relationships by creating healthy boundaries with themselves and others.
  • Reducing anxiety and increasing a sense of safety within themselves.
  • Creating a healthy and more conscious lifestyle by implementing powerful habits in all areas of their lives.
  • Strengthening emotional and spiritual resilience to prepare, go through, and overcome life´s challenges.
  • Improving their ability to follow intuition and inner guidance.

Clients´ Results:

The Divine Path of Integration Is for Seekers Who:

  • Are feeling the call to take their life to a higher state of consciousness.

  • Love learning and teaching but struggle implementing what they love in their personal lives.

  • Want to be in alignment with their highest self and live their purpose in life.

  • Want to bring light and make a difference in the world.


This coaching program is for diligent students of life, personal, and spiritual development enthusiasts, light warriors, healers, helpers, and those willing to do what it takes to be in alignment with their inner power and wisdom.

What Happens When You Apply for the Divine Path of Integration?

  1. You’ll receive an application form with questions about your situation and what you want to achieve. Your answers will help me understand how I can best help you when we connect.

  2. After submitting the form and paying the consultation fee (USD 80 - deductible from the total program investment if we're a good fit), you will book a clarity call on my calendar.

  3. In our clarity call, we’ll discuss your goals and desires and how we can make them a reality.

  4. If we’re a good fit, we’ll start working on your beautiful new reality! The program investment depends on the customization. I’ll send you the program products to kickstart your transformation.

  5. We will speak for 1 hour every week for sixteen weeks in our 1:1 sessions, where we discuss your progress and steps to take towards your desires. You’ll receive an email summary with all the resources requires and the homework required for your transformation.

  6. I’ll support you every day via text and email, answering all of your questions and helping you through all challenges towards your goals.

  7. The program is held via phone or video calls so that you can succeed anywhere in the world.

Ready to begin a powerful and beautiful journey to your most fulfilling life?

Applications open for the next round!


Who will guide you on the Divine Path of Integration?

Hi! I´m Paola Castro, and I´m a spiritual coach helping seekers like you create their best lives.

I´m a TEDx speaker and author. For the past few years, I´ve been studying with the world-renown spiritual leader and teacher, Michael Bernard Beckwith, known from the documentary The Secret.

By helping thousands of people worldwide achieve their dreams, I developed my signature Divine Path of Integration™.

Now, it´s YOUR turn to make your best life happen.

I can’t wait to receive your application and explore how we can make your desires and intentions a reality!

Paola Castro


Apply for the Divine Path of Integration today and:

- Start reconnecting with your inner wisdom in your first week.
- Release everything that is holding you back from the life of your dreams.
- Get a deep sense of empowerment to be what you came to this world to express.

Let’s do this together.

Reconnect with yourself, others,  and Source and create a brilliant new reality for yourself!

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