Inspirational Speaker, Author & Life and Heart-Math Coach

Paola knows first-hand the intimidating fear that unworthiness, not enough-ness, and lack of trust can bring to our life.  She uses her gifts to communicate, inspire and transform those committed to their healing and personal development journey.

After nearly a decade of coaching, and 5+ years of teaching Michael Bernard Beckwith´s "The Answer is You" Program at the magical retreat centre, Rythmia, Paola has the power to guide and empower thousands of people to remember their innate worthiness and how to live a life of peace and fulfillment. She does this by combining her passion for life with her deep understanding of:

  • Transformational life coaching;
  • Human psychology and behaviour;
  • Heart-math science;
  • Neuroscience and the power of the mind;
  • Universal and Spiritual Principles;
  • Mindfulness and Meditation.

Paola´s deep knowledge of these subjects, along with her own transformational experiences, has equipped her with the wisdom and tools necessary to deliver powerful teachings.

She offers talks, workshops, online programs, and individual sessions focused on helping her clients awaken and deepen their inner growth.

Her message of hope and wisdom is imbued with clarity, simplicity and love, qualities that make her an outstanding speaker and teacher and assist in creating high resonance with every audience.


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